Trend: Croc Embossed (Faux) Leather

If you’ve been with me for some time now, you will know of my undying love for (faux) leather clothing. It’s an absolute style staple for me.  I’m pretty happy with the pieces in my wardrobe, but I still like to add a few pieces here and there that strike the right balance between my classic style and what’s on-trend. 

My current obsession is croc-embossed faux leather. This is nothing new, but now it’s no longer reserved for just shoes and accessories. Lately, I’ve seen more and more fab trousers, skirts, and even blazers with this ultra-luxe print. 

Here are my 9 (ish) faves from what’s in stores right now. 


There are some fab snake print pieces out there for all you extra daring ladies as well.  🙂

What do you think of this twist on classic faux leather pieces? Would you wear it or is it a bit “out there” for you? Tell me in the comments. 

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