A New Space

Sometimes you need to create a new space because you’ve outgrown the old or because you’ve changed and the fit isn’t quite right anymore or maybe it never really fit in the first place and you just can’t conform anymore.

But it’s scary, isn’t it? Starting over. Being this new version of yourself, showing parts of yourself that were previously hidden. Yet at the same time, it’s incredibly freeing. There’s all this new room to fill as you please, the path clear and the possibilities seem endless.

So here we are in my new space.

While working as a stylist for nearly 20 years, I learned that although understanding your coloring & body type and managing your wardrobe are still very important aspects to dressing well, they are not enough to achieve great style. Truly great style comes from a much more personal place and though it is not as easy as picking the right colors and shapes, it’s not as elusive as it’s made out to be either. In understanding this, my approach to styling my clients changed. I also realized that I really wanted to show as many women as possible how to take their style to that next level and to do that I needed to take my business in a new direction. And so Style x Heart was born.

Here I will explore where personal development and self-understanding influences style and style, in turn, galvanizes and at other times supports and bolsters internal changes. I will share my personal style, what inspires me, what I’m reading, loving and lusting after and what is helping me to grow as a person and as a woman.

So come with me on this new adventure and I will show you how to style from the heart.

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