Hero Pieces

We all have them, those items that go with everything, seem to make every outfit that tad bit better and get us all the compliments when we wear them. Yes, I’m talking about the illustrious hero pieces.

More often than not, we seem to come across them by chance. we buy something simply because we love it and once we get it home, find ourselves reaching for it over and over again. But what if we can take that ‘chance’ element out of it. What if we can spot them more easily? What are the requirements that make an item more than just an item of clothing, but a hero piece?

Well, after thinking on it for a bit, I’ve narrowed it down to these four elements that make a difference:

  1.  Versatile.
  2.  Elevated.
  3.  Inline with your core style. 
  4.  Impeccable fit.


Any stylist will tell you, you have to be able to combine each new addition to your wardrobe with at least 5 things that you already have. A hero piece will have to work twice as hard. 


It has t be special in some way. Otherwise, it’s just a basic. So whether it’s an unexpected color or print, an exaggerated sleeve or in the case of my white shirt extremely oversized. A hero piece needs something that makes it stand out.  


You have to feel like a million bucks in it and for that to have it has to correspond with your essential style values. Those values are different for everyone. Some like sexy, others value clean line, while other still feel that bright and cheerful is essential. You have to know what those values are if you want to spot potential hero pieces right off the bat. 


It has to fit you perfectly and  I mean perfectly. The cut has to suit your body type, the colors need to compliment your complexion, the material has to be comfortable etc. etc. If you’re not physically at ease in a piece of clothing, you’re simply not going to reach for it as often, No matter how fabulous that piece is.  

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