What’s in my Zara basket right now

At the end of my No Buy January update post, I mentioned that the rest of 2020 would be a ‘low buy’ year for me.

The rules are simple:

  • A €150 monthly budget for clothes, shoes/accessories, and cosmetics.
  • To avoid impulse purchases, two week waiting/cool off period before I buy something.
  • Gift card buys are allowed in addition to the monthly budget, but the two week waiting period still applies.

These are the rules and they are non-negotiable. If something sells out in those two weeks, well, then it was just never meant to be mine. Easy.

The side effect of this rule is an ever-growing wishlist and pretty full shopping baskets at my favorite online stores. So I thought it would be interesting to share what’s currently in my Zara shopping basket and then come back on March 1st to update you on what I bought and why. I’m curious to see what makes the final cut and maybe gain some insight into my thought processes and hopefully figure out what my impulse buy triggers are.

Here’s what’s in my Zara basket:

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