Zara basket update: Hits & Misses

Last month I showed you what was in my Zara basket as part of my low buy year experiment. So today I want to give you a quick update on what I bought and what I kept or returned. 

What I bought...

What I kept...

I love these pieces, the sweatshirt I know is a bit trendy, but everything else is pieces I know I will keep in my wardrobe for years. Very spring and summer-appropriate as well. 

What I returned...

These two were very disappointing. My problem with the top was that little collar wasn’t as structured as it seems in Zara’s pictures but just flopped over like some weird flower around the neck. Not cute. The trousers didn’t look bad, but it was made of a strange material that felt like paper and made the oddest slightly disturbing sound every time I moved. Just awful. 

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